Cattle Waterer Installation & Repairs





The popular Ritchie fountains are the most reliable and durable fountain on the market.
We are well equipped and stock all genuine replacement parts for the most popular models

Fenwal Themostat 


Ritchie Thermostat used in stainless steel bowls are very reliable and rarely fail.

Ritchie Float

We keep full stock on most common floats and float hardware kits. The new style float harware kits are compatible all previous fountains manufactured.

Ritchie Valve


The most common valve in the Ritchie fountain.  It has a reversible rubber disc seal that is easily reversed or replaced when fountain runs over.



Cistern & Booster Pump Installation

There are times when low producing wells cannot keep up with peak demands. A cistern holding tank can be installed to spread the demand of water over the whole day. We can supply any size of cistern holding tanks and booster pumps to match the supply of the well. The cistern tank can be sized to fit in any size of room and through most door openings. Our choice of booster pump is the Grundfos MQ45 pump. This pump is very compact and is extremely quiet and reliable.

We also can supply and install larger industrial water systems as well.


Domestic water wells

We use the most up to date technology and equipment to construct our wells. All the domestic wells that we drill are constructed using PVC casing to give the most corrosive resistant well possible. Using 6” PVC surface casing with a wall thickness of 3/8 inches and a 4 ½” PVC liner will produce a durable, strong and long lasting well. Grout is pumped up the entire exterior of the surface casing to seal and isolate unwanted water and contaminants. All of the water used for drilling is from potable water sources. We do not use water from lakes, creeks, irrigation canals or dugouts for water well constuction.



Flexible and pumpable grout is used to completely seal surface casings and stop aquifer intermixing.


Grout surface casing

We install PVC surface Casing sealed to the top of the aquifer and grout back the surface.


Down hole camera service

We have owned our downhole camera for nine years giving us the capability to look down wells as deep as 300 feet. We can then diagnose well problems and assess wells for repair, damage or rehabilitation. We have fished out pumps and debris that was almost impossible to do before downhole cameras were on the market.



Environmental monitor wells

We have drilled deep environmental monitor wells for sampling water flow and quality. We have the knowledge, capacity and expertise to design the well for environmental requirements.


High Capacity Pump Testing

We have full capacity to conduct high capacity pump tests with level readings recorded by data loggers. Flow meters are custom ordered to match flow desired. 


Industrial water wells

We can construct any type of industrial well you may require from large diameter casings to deep high capacity wells, steel or plastic, including stainless steel screens. We have data loggers, flow meters and pumps to complete your drilling project. Tell us what your requirements are and we will work with you.


Pressure System installation and repair


 Grundfos Constant Pressure systems are proven reliable, efficient and has a small footprint
Grunfos 4 inch
 Grundfos 4 inch submersible is a proven workhorse providing more years of service in the most challenging environments.
Click here to download a PDF to see how pitless adapters work.


Sanitary PItless Adapter installed on well casing at 7-1/2 feet below ground surface.


Shock Chlorination

Regular shock chorination of your well is recommened to keep your well operating at it highest efficiency.  Build up of iron bacteria and sulfate reducing bacteria can be kept to a minimum with regular well maintenance.  In difficult cases a drill machine will be needed to clean the well before a chlorinating the well.  The chlorinating solution needs to have a ph balance of 7.0 in order for the chlorine to work properly. 


Solar Pumping System Installation

We supply and install Grundfos solar pumping systems in remote locations. Grundfos is the most reliable solar pumping source that you can buy.


Water Filtration

Well water quality can be challenging in certain areas. Water filtration is the best option with iron filters being the most common filter installed. We consult with WSH Laboratory in Calgary, Alberta and they work closely with us to solve any poor water quality issues you may have.   Iron filters, water softners and Reverse Osmosis are the most common filters installed and we also service most filters although some of the older uncommon models are now obslete.





Water Well Abandonment


Old unused well located in pit beside house inside Calgary City Limits.  Lot will be used for construction of Habitat for Humanity

steel casing reclamation web

Extremely corroded steel well casing during a well reclamation.  Driller Miles O'Keefe at controls.


Mixing grout and pumped into place from bottom of well back to surface safely reclaiming the well and protecting groundwater.


Extracted Casing.  We completed the job for Habitat for Humanity and donated all 

expenses and materials back.


Click here for information about Plugging Abandoned Wells from the Alberta Government Agriculture and Rural Development website.